Avandis is a flexibele, customer-oriented full-service beverage production venture

2017: Opening brand new canning facility for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Jeroen van Rooij | Business controller

Why you don’t have to start yourself a full size beverage company to be successful in the beverage business

……if you join Avandis


Welcome to Avandis

Avandis is one of Europe’s most modern producers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Various advanced packaging lines, a sophisticated logistics system, years of craftsmanship and opportunities for innovative development are guarantees for high-quality products that can be supplied all over the world in any type of packaging.

Preparing beverages

For our customers, we develop formulas that we translate into the production of wide ranges of high-quality drinks.
We have a top-level laboratory at our disposal for this, as well as an extensive tank farm and a host of production installations. Read More

Bottling plant

In our modern packaging department, beverages that we have produced or which have been supplied to us are put in the correct packaging and prepared for shipment worldwide.
It includes seven bottling lines where we can fill more than 200 different types of bottle. Read More

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