Avandis is a flexibele, customer-oriented full-service beverage production venture


Developing beverages



Preparing beverages



Packaging beverages





Avandis can develop your innovative concept into the cost-effective production of a new brand-owned or private-label beverage. Throughout the development process, our team of experienced experts can work closely alongside you in order to create the best-possible concept and recipe for your product.


We produce high, low, and non-alcoholic beverages (such as syrups) in a large variety of flavours and to a wide range of specifications.

Thanks to our outstanding quality processes and continuous monitoring of food quality, the standard of the products we supply is consistently high. We can also meet any special wishes that customers may have. Our processes are monitored by various external auditors and are certified every year.

Your beverages can be packed in bottles of various shapes and sizes, in stone pitchers, in glass or PET miniatures, in plastic containers, or in drums. We offer special concentrated products in bulk or in containers for local production (worldwide). We can also provide, specially for product introductions and in the case of short delivery times, small-scale conventional or unconventional packaging solutions.

Thanks to our logistics neighbour and partner, Nedcargo, we have a sustainable and cost-efficient supply chain at our disposal.  We can take care of complete order flows all the way to the delivery address, anywhere in the world.

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